Edge Connect

Purpose-Built for the Retail Environment

Network Ready. Outrageously Secure.

The Edge Connect tablet is one in a line of cutting EDGE interactive retail tools from RTC. Its sleek and simple form factor, a nod to consumer tablets, is a port-free, incredibly secure, commercial grade solution. Designed exclusively for network connectivity and pre-wired for POE power, the unit stands ready to connect to your IT infrastructure and will remain locked down and hack-free in a public environment.

Optimized for shelf edge performance, the Edge Connect is available in a standard silver finish and can be fitted with an optional, colorful, protective rubber surround to reinforce your brand and command shopper attention. The unit has a durable, scratch resistant, tempered all-glass touch screen that is twice as thick as a consumer tablet and purposefully devoid of a home button. While it's speakers face the rear, proprietary custom mounting brackets smartly direct sound forward for superior clarity and volume projection.

Edge Connect Sell Sheet