Edge Tough

Purpose-Built for the Retail Environment

Durable, Attention-Grabbing, Shelf-Edge Design

Edge Tough (10" Screen) & Edge Tough Mini (7" Screen)

The Edge Tough tablet is one in a line of cutting EDGE interactive retail tools from RTC. The durable casings surround a toughened touch-screen with glass twice as thick as a consumer tablet, making it impact resistant and perfectly suited to the demands of the shelf edge...even the hit from a grocery cart or pallet jack. It has a standard silver finish and can be ordered in custom colors to reinforce your brand and command shopper attention.

Edge Tough Micro (4.3" Screen)

Optimized for stand-alone shelf-edge performance and ideal for fixed content that is not subject to frequent change, the unit runs from a microSD card and is powered by an external D cell battery pack. Its proprietary push-button start enables the device to conserve energy yet power on in less than one second, becoming fully operational in under 4.

Custom Content

RTC can help you design content that will allow your shopper to quickly and accurately access the information they need, while delivering up-sell and cross-sell messages at the moment they are most relevant.

Edge Tough & Mini Sell Sheet
Edge Tough Micro Sell Sheet